Our "Paint-At-Home" Kits: Ready-To-Go When You Are!

How it works:
1. Select your favorite masterpiece-to-be from the three options below. 
2. Choose your paint: Fired-On Ceramic Paint or Air-Dried Acrylics.
3. Call us at 435-575-6463 to place your order.
4. Give us 24-hours to create your custom Kit and arrange a pick-up location
that’s convenient for you.
5. Paint and create to your heart's content.
6. When your Air-Dry Acrylic color masterpiece is dry, enjoy it! There’s no need to return unused paint or brushes to us, so save them for a future project!
7. When your Fired-On Ceramic Color masterpiece is dry,
call us at 435-575-6463 to arrange drop-off or pick-up.
8. We'll fire your creation and have it ready within 7 days. It's that simple.

Each of the following "Paint-At-Home" Kits includes the 
ceramic item of your choosing; 2 brushes; 5 paint colors;
and easy-to-follow instructions. 

Ceramic Colors

Paint up to three layers of these gorgeous paints on your ceramic creation – and then let us fire it in our special ceramic kiln. Your glossy masterpiece is food-, microwave- and dishwasher-safe; however we do recommend washing it by hand  for extra protection!

Acrylic Colors

Our palette of beautiful acrylic paints do not require firing. Simply paint one coat and let it air dry to a matte finish.
Because acrylic paint is not fired in our ceramic kiln, your masterpiece is not  food- or dishwasher-safe.